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Many great games − including those designed specifically for learning as well as many that were not − offer deep and engaging learning opportunities but have not made the impact they could because successful implementation of games in the classroom is still a “black box” for too many teachers. While many sites have begun to aggregate links to a growing number of learning games, instructional support for these games is limited, inconsistent, or lacking all together.

Playful Learning is an initiative − started at LGN in summer 2012, set to launch in open beta in June 2013 − to close this gap with a dynamic knowledge base for learning games. Designed to be teacher facing and teacher friendly, this platform is designed to organize key information and knowledge around specific games as well as the field more broadly, including curriculum and implementation plans, assessment ideas, technology requirements, and research outcomes.

This design and targeted innovation has been a long-held dream of mine and demonstrates the key intersection of many of my strengths and interests: innovative designs that leverage research, new technologies and social dynamics to create high-impact tools in education.

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