The i5 : barriers to innovation

        in education

Why don’t educational technologies and other innovations for learning get used more in classroom?

innovation in systems

What policies, structures, and practice enable ­ as well as hinder ­ the creation and diffusion, and ongoing transformation, of systems of education?

system dynamics modeling for education policy

How can system dynamics modeling, a powerful tool used in many other domains for policy and structure development, be applied to education?


Games present incredible platforms for facilitating immersive learning experiences. Assessment-based game design offers a new horizon capturing learning data, and the frameworks underlying those designs offers a powerful mechanism for realigning curriculum and assessment.


Advances in cognitive psych are offering a new frame of the mind and its cognitive processing systems, redefining the central mechanisms for learning—with implications for how we design education.

dimensions of cognition

What are the elements of analysis across the spectrum of sciences of the mind—from neuroscience, biology, cog and social psych, and education?

innovative learning environments

How do we design new, better learning environments that align with our understanding of how we learn, and meet the needs of the 21st century?

education redesign

How is redesign different from reform, and how can we redesign key structures of education to produce the outcomes we seek?



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